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Advancing the Profession of Pharmacy Technician

04 General Pharmacy

1 hour

15501-3         JA4008162-9999-2170-H04-T 

  • Participate in the discussion to define advanced practice

  • Determine areas of advancement within her/his own practice

  • Advocate for the advancement of the pharmacy technician profession as a whole

Dr. Ally Dering-Anderson

Ms. Quynh Tran

Ms. Judy Neville

Attend this Live Session on 8/3

6-7pm CST

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Dr. Ally Dering-Anderson

What is the Definition of Pharmacy Technician Advanced Practices?

04 General Pharmacy

1-hour LIVE session via Zoom

15647-1       JA4008162-9999-2181-L04-T 

  • Apply the meaning of basic pharmacy technician functions to better derive at an advanced practices definition

  • Explain the process of crafting a credible pharmacy technician advanced practices definition 

How to Apply COVID-19 Research Findings to Pharmacy Technician Workflow

01-Disease State Management/Drug Therapy

1 hour

15501-1         JA4008162-9999-2168-H01-T 

  • Explain what coronavirus infectious disease 2019 (SARS-CoV-2: COVID-19) is and why it is so infectious

  • Discuss the basic pathophysiology and potential treatments for COVID-19

  • Describe how COVID-19 has effected the workflow in healthcare settings

Ms. Judy Neville

Sterile Compounding: A Refresher


1 hour

15501-9         JA4008162-9999-2176-H07-T 

  • Discuss sterile compounding in the time of COVID-19

  • Describe building blocks of safe compounding

  • Outline temporary policy regarding personal protective equipment (PPE) practices for sterile compounding

Challenges from the Prescriber’s POV

03-Law Related to Pharmacy Practice​

15501-13         JA4008162-9999-2180-H03-T 

  • Review elements required in a prescription per Federal regulation.

  • Discuss the physician's patient care workflow associated with issuing a prescription.

  • Identify tile benefits and the pitfalls of electronic prescribing.

Dr. James Sullivan

COVID-19 Testing Workflow

04 General Pharmacy

1 hour

15501-8        JA4008162-9999-2175-H04-T 

  • Describe the  insurance payment process.

  • Discuss the testing workflow to avoid pharmacy disruption

  • Explain how to choose the best employee to perform testing

Dr. David Kohll

Have You Ever Thought About Becoming a Pharmacist?

04 General Pharmacy

1 hour

15501-6         JA4008162-9999-2173-H04-T 

  • List pre-pharmacy school course and credit requirements

  • Recognize the steps in applying to pharmacy school

  • Discuss the journey through pharmacy school

Dr Megan Irlmeier

Dr. Kevin Borcher

How Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) Tackle the Opioid Crisis and Medication Reconciliation

03-Law Related to Pharmacy Practice

1 hour

15501-2      JA4008162-9999-2169-H03-T  

  • Describe the scope of the prescription drug overdose problem

  • Discuss differences in prescription drug monitoring programs across the country

  • Describe the benefits of a prescription drug monitoring program

Mr. Zack Green

The Advanced Pharmacy Technician

04 General Pharmacy

1 hour

15501-11         JA4008162-9999-2178-H04-T 

  • Summarize national regulatory landscape for pharmacy technicians

  • Analyze data and survey results examining job market and career opportunities

  • Describe recent updates to the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination (PTCE) and Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) eligibility requirements as it pertains to the current workforce climate

Mr. Don Klepser

Pharmacy Technicians & COVID-19 Testing

01-Disease State Management/Drug Therapy

1 hour

15501-7         JA4008162-9999-2174-H01-T 

  • Discuss the opportunities for pharmacists to provide COVID-19 point of care testing

  • Describe the role pharmacy technicians can play in providing point of care testing services

  • Demonstrate appropriate specimen collection techniques used in pharmacy-based COVID-19 testing

Dr. Brian Trevarrow

Pharmacy Technicians as Agents of Specialization in Hospital Workflow

04 General Pharmacy

.25 hours

15501-12         JA4008162-9999-2179-H04-T 

  • Summarize the various tasks for which pharmacy technicians are solely responsible within the hospital setting at Nebraska Medicine

  • Describe the current workflow for pharmacy technicians, specifically with respect to organization and responsibilities as related to the central pharmacy and to the patient care units.

  • Describe the systematic reorganization and redesign of the pharmacy technicians’ role with an emphasis on specialization across a broader service area

  • Build upon concepts shared during the presentation and audience/attendee input to craft a meaningful definition of pharmacy technician advanced practices

Mr. Jeremy Sasser

Pharmacy Technicians in 2020 & Beyond

04 General Pharmacy

1 hour

15501-10         JA4008162-9999-2177-H04-T 

  • Discuss the increased level of responsibilities being seen with the technician profession and the roles that are requiring advanced skill sets

  • Recognize that pharmacy technicians are lacking essential soft skills and identify the top three most valued skills

  • Explain how certification is used as the top screening criteria for pharmacy technician applications

Ms. Linda Hall

Safe Medication & Needle Disposal

04 General Pharmacy

1 hour

15501-5         JA4008162-9999-2172-H04-T 

  • Define the environmental contamination and associated health risks, the compromised personal data, and the drug diversion problems associated with improper disposal of medication, needles and syringes

  • Compare and contrast suggested methods for drug disposal

  • Discuss strategies that pharmacy technicians can take home to help their communities become better informed about safe disposal programs

Mr. Richard Halama

The Huddle

05 Patient Safety

1 hour

15501-4         JA4008162-9999-2171-H05-T 

  • Describe Highly Reliable Huddles: Daily  Improvement and Accountability for patient safety

  • Analyze and implement continuous process improvement boards

  • Describe advanced problem solving and process improvement through problem and process visualization

  • Discuss the Prepare and Practice: The Huddle Application and Expected Results