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Dr. Ally Dering-Anderson

BA, Pharm.D., FAPhA, Clinical Associate Professor

UNMC College of Pharmacy

Omaha, NE

Medical Marijuana:  High expectations but what do we Really Know?


Discussion of the use of cannabinoids where scientific evidence for use exists.


Dr. Sebastian Mirkin

M.D., Chief Medical Officer

TherapeuticsMD, Boca Raton, FL

Keeping COOL with Women

Overview of the U.S. hormone replacement therapy (HRT) market as well as prescription treatments available.  Background of Women's Health Initiative, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy compound market & what has led to the  unique development of HRT products.

Judith Neville-8759.jpg

Judy Neville

Director Pharmacy Technician Educ.

UNMC College of Pharmacy

Omaha, NE

This is Us

Presentation delves into the unspoken rules & culture of the pharmacy technician workforce.  The overarching theme is of the importance of sound work relationships.  That a superior technical skill set is lost without the ability to effectively work with one another.  It's about where we have come from, where we are now and where we want to go in our professional realm.

Normann SA head shot 0716.jpg

Dr. Sven Normann

Pharm.D., Clinical Associate Professor

University of Florida College of Pharmacy, Gainesville, FL

My Child Just Ingested My Medicine! What to Do

Presentation describes the function & role of Poison Control Centers.  Including when to call/refer patients, services offered, how to handle a potential poisoning exposure as well as perceptions of poisoning severity.  Content relevant for community & hospital pharmacy settings.


Richard Halama

CPhT, Patient Safety Manager

Six Sigma Lean Professional

Department of Air Force, Omaha, NE

Connecting Duty to Speak with achieving Zero Harm

In 2019 pharmacy technicians from across America were surveyed to better understand why we don't speak up in the workplace.  This presentation discusses the survey results, provides examples of responses, including why 'Out Duty to Speak Up' is a key component in achieving a culture of patient safety.


Dr. Palmieri Posthofen

Pharm.D., Clinical Marketing Fellow 

MCPHS University

Boston, MA

Diabetes:  Understanding the Disease State & how Pharmacy Technicians can Improve Outcomes

An overview of the diabetes disease state, best practices for injection technique as well as reviewing the new American Diabetes Association recommendations for insulin & other diabetes injectables.


Karen O'Connor

CPhT, Program Chair, Vincennes University

Vincennes, IN

Pharmacy Technician’s Role in Emergency Management

Valuable background on preparedness & emergency response is provided.  Attendees will gain strategies to maintain pharmacy operations during public health emergencies & disasters.


Dr. Barry Bleidt

Pharm.D., PhD, FAPhA, FNPhA, Professor Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Disruptions in Healthcare:  Impact on Pharmacy Technicians

This discussion engages participants in an exchange about change & disruptions in healthcare, overall & specifically in pharmacy practice & their impact on pharmacy.

Green Zack.jpg

Zachary Green

Associate Director of Partnership Development, PTCB

Washington D.C.

Pharmacy Technician Career:  Present & Future

This topic provides a comprehensive review of the current landscape of the pharmacy technician career while lending insight into the future roles  & responsibilities.